PGE Services

Paschal-Gross Enterprises specializes in prototype development, integrating safety and operational efficiency into material handling and heat transfer applications. Additionally, through our sister firm, Paschal Solutions, Inc. (PSI), we offer world class engineering solutions.

More information on PSI can found at WWW.PASCHALSOLUTIONS.COM.

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Nuclear Safety

PSI is known for its expertise in nuclear criticality safety (NCS) and safety analysis. In addition to NCS, design and analysis in the areas of heat transfer instrumentation and control, vibration and shaft alignment, and laser physics are all part of our engineer talent base.

We have increasingly offered our clients a diverse engineering skill-set that can be applied to virtually any industrial challenge. We have unmatched expertise related to UF6 and its byproducts. PSI engineers have extensive experience with the unique challenges of the physico-chemical nature of these systems, having provided analysis of every fissile system related to the gaseous diffusion plant process.

Our experience base also includes extensive analyses of uranyl nitrate systems and uranium metal systems. Respected and active in the NCS community, we have the experience and flexibility to bring the right resources to bear on any NCS challenge.


PSI brings a “can-do” attitude to problem solving. We have provided engineering services in the areas of heat transfer, rotating equipment and vibration analysis, instrumentation/control, operational engineering, and laser system design control and analysis. Our engineering experience base includes:

  • Reactor Engineering (including typical core follow activities, refuel activities and particular experience in the area of neutron noise analysis for predictive performance)

  • Mechanical engineering particularly related to heat transfer systems (including development of new and novel systems for cryogenic cold trapping and chemical separation)

  • Instrumentation and control (e.g. development of movable incore detection control system)

  • Extensive experience in LabView™ programming for FFT noise analysis and PC-based process control.